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Bee Bread - The Secret Treasure of the Bees (German)

What is bee bread?
Bluetenpollen, 4/24/2010

The Vikings and the treasure of bees

The use of pollen as human food has already handed down by the Vikings. Long before Christopher Columbus sailed wild Northmen to your dragon boat through all the seven seas. The Vikings were, in fact, daring men and more fearsome fighters. The well-known former world lived in fear and dread of you. At that time, the Norsemen seemed to be almost impregnable. Any army that stood in their way was defeated in the battle. The Vikings fought as relentlessly as the rough sea from which they came.

The people on the coasts usually fled as fast as they could, if you value your life was. As soon as the dragon boats were sighted on the horizon, the inhabitants fled to the coastal towns and surrounding villages inland. The Vikings took to do what they could.

But you should think in any case where the Viking people consisted only of brutes. The Vikings had their own culture, social structure and strict laws that had every man to submit. The nature, your spirits, the ancestors and the family was the Vikings almost sacred. Within your tribe were the warriors and socially shared spoils among themselves. Even poor, weak and wounded were mitversorgt.

If one pays to believe the old traditions of these fearless navigators sailed often with larger quantities of "bread of the Bees" on board the stranger, because the men knew perfectly well that it weekly or even months on the road could be.

What is bee bread?

At that time we already knew a lot about astronomy, navigation, healing and death. But also about the deep relationships in the universe and the performance of a simple life in harmony with nature. Much of this ancient knowledge came gradually into oblivion.

That are discussed in the ancient records "Bee bread"(Also called Perga) was none other than our Pollen. The Vikings took it to be on the road safe from scurvy, disease, weakness and hunger. The diet of the bee bread you gave natural strength and good health to the long and dangerous journeys to survive well.

Pollen provides a unique blend and variety of natural enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, minerals and nutrients. Natural antibiotic and antioxidant properties. Therefore, pollen is considered the most complete food on the planet. Almost all essential substances are already included. The wise sailors knew the positive effect of flower pollen, many years ago…

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