Thursday, October 10, 2013

American Bee Products Working Group Being Seeks Participants

Dear bee friends:
I am from Brazil and as a co-chair of the International Honey Commission (IHC).  I was invited to create an American IHC branch (IHC AMERICA) to keep all scientists involved in bee products analysis to work together in the American continent. This will be a sub group of the IHC. We have a meeting every year and we just had the IHC meeting last week in Kiev.
I am writing to the persons who were at the International Honey Commission List and also to the ones I think could be part of this group.
Please reply to me saying that if you want to participate and in which subject.
We have the following working groups:
1. Apimedical Science
2. Authenticity
3. EU Honey Directive
4. Geographical and botanical origion
5. Honey Analysis Methods
6. Non Apis Mellifera  honey (this group used to be  Melipona  honey)
7. Pollen
8. Propolis
9. Residues
10. Sensory Analysis

Sincerely yours,
Ligia Muradian
Dra. Ligia Bicudo de  Almeida Muradian
Associate Professor  from the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Vice-head of the International Honey Commission (
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