Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Honey Dressings Healed Pressure Ulcers 4X Faster Than Comparison Group

Effectiveness of a Honey Dressing for Healing Pressure Ulcers
Journal of Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing, 2007 Mar-Apr;34(2):184-90

Objective: To compare the effect of a honey dressing vs an ethoxy-diaminoacridine plus nitrofurazone dressing in patients with pressure ulcers.

Design: This 5-week randomized clinical trial evaluated the effect of a honey dressing on pressure ulcer healing.

Setting and Subjects: Thirty-six patients with a total of 68 stage II or III pressure ulcers referred from a university hospital in Izmir were enrolled in the study. Twenty-six subjects completed the trial.

Instruments: Ulcers were measured with acetate tracings and Pressure Ulcer Scale for Healing (PUSH) evaluations.

Methods: Fifteen patients with 25 pressure ulcers were treated with honey dressings, and 11 patients with 25 pressure ulcers were treated with ethoxy-diaminoacridine plus nitrofurazone dressings. Wound healing was assessed weekly using the PUSH tool, version 3.0. The primary outcome measure was the change in PUSH tool scores in each group at 5 weeks.

Results: The two groups were statistically similar with regard to baseline and wound characteristics. After 5 weeks of treatment, patients who were treated by honey dressing had significantly better PUSH tool scores than subjects treated with the ethoxy-diaminoacridine plus nitrofurazone dressing (6.55 +/- 2.14 vs 12.62 +/- 2.15, P < .001). Conclusion: By week 5, PUSH tool scores showed that healing among subjects using a honey dressing was approximately 4 times the rate of healing in the comparison group. The use of a honey dressing is effective and practical.

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