Monday, April 16, 2007

NC Apitherapy Conference to Explore Healing with Honey Bee Hive Products

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina to host April 26–29 apitherapy training and conference of the American Apitherapy Society

(April 16, 2007) - Medical doctors, researchers, beekeepers and a spectrum of holistic practitioners will gather April 26-29, 2007, at the Radisson Hotel/Research Triangle Park in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina for the 12th annual Charles Mraz Apitherapy Course & Conference (CMACC) sponsored by the American Apitherapy Society (AAS).

The Thursday evening through Saturday morning course provides a basic understanding of the therapeutic use of products of the beehive -- including honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly and bee venom therapy using live honeybees. The Saturday and Sunday conference will look at more advanced techniques, protocols and international advances in the field of apitherapy.

Members of the media are invited, with prior arrangements, to attend course and conference sessions and AAS faculty are available for interviews.

One of the most ancient of all healing modalities, apitherapy is gaining increased attention worldwide as the efficacy of the hive products and treatments becomes better known. The AAS,, is a nonprofit membership organization established for the purpose of advancing apitherapy. The CMACC has been named in memory of Charles Mraz, an American pioneer in the use of bee venom to treat diseases. The fee for the course and conference is $275, and includes a one-year AAS membership. To register, contact the AAS at 4835 Van Nuys Blvd., Suite 100, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403; Phone: (818) 501-0446; FAX: (818) 995-9334; Email:

Media Contact: Frederique Keller, Vice President, American Apitherapy Society
Phone: (631) 351-3521; E-Mail:

Charles Mraz Apitherapy Course & Conference Schedule:

Thursday, April 26

6:00 PM - Registration
7:00 PM - Welcome Dinner
8:30 PM - Intro to CMACC (Dr. Andrew Kochan)

Friday, April 27: Apitherapy Course

7:00 AM - Continental Breakfast (for all)
8:00 AM - Welcome (Dr. Andrew Kochan)
8:20 AM - Honey (Dr. Vetaley Stashenko)
9:10 AM - Royal Jelly (Dr. Andrew Kochan)
10:00 AM - Break (snack for all)
10:30 AM - Pollen (Dr. Vetaley Stashenko)
11:15 AM - Bee Venom (Dr. Theo Cherbuliez)
12:00 PM - Propolis (Dr. Vetaley Stashenko)
1:00 PM - Lunch (on your own)
2:00 PM - Principles of Apitherapy (Jim Higgins)
2:45 PM - Informed Consent and Legal Issues (Dr. Theo Cherbuliez)
3:15 PM - Auto-immune Diseases (Dr. Andrew Kochan)
4:00 PM - Break (snack for all)
4:30 PM - Hands-on Bee Venom Therapy (Donald Downs & Jim Higgins)
4:30 PM - Ear Candling (Annie van Alten)
6:00 PM - Dinner (on your own)
7:30 PM - Board Meeting/Annual Meeting (open to all)
9:00 PM - Board meeting (closed session)
Evening Review for Examination

Saturday, April 28: Examination

7:00 AM - Continental Breakfast (for all)
8:00 AM - Examination (Faculty)
9:00 AM - Examination Correction (Faculty)
9:45 AM - Break (snack for all)

Saturday, April 28: Apitherapy Conference

10:15 AM - Apitherapy (Dr. Theo Cherbuliez)
11:15 AM - Lyme Disease (Reyah Carlson)
12:00 PM - Lunch (on your own)
1:00 PM - Recent Advances in Apitherapy (Dr. Theo Cherbuliez)
2:00 PM - Pain & Apitherapy (Dr. Andrew Kochan)
3:00 PM - Break (snack for all)
3:30 PM - Veterinary Apitherapy (Frederique Keller, L.Ac.)
4:15 PM - Micro-stinging Technique (Donald Downs)
5:00 PM - Homeopathy and Bees (Frederique Keller, L.Ac.)
5:45 PM - Preparation of Propolis Salves (Frederique Keller, L.Ac.)
6:00 PM - North Carolina Style Barbeque (for all)

Sunday, April 29: Apitherapy Conference

7:00 AM - Continental Breakfast (for all)
8:00 AM - Cleansing Detox (Frederique Keller, L.Ac.)
8:45 AM - Life Style and Weight Management (Dr. Theo Cherbuliez)
9:30 AM - Practical Apipuncture (Frederique Keller, L.Ac.)
10:15 AM - Break (snack for all)
10:45 AM - Advanced Bee Venom Therapy Case Studies (Frederique Keller, L.Ac.)
12:15 PM - Conclusion, Acknowledgments & Questions/Answers
1:00 PM - End of CMACC and Lunch (on your own)

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