Sunday, April 08, 2007

Propolis Extract May Boost Anti-Tumor Activity of Cancer Drug

Enhanced Antitumor Activity of Irinotecan Combined with Propolis and its Polyphenolic Compounds on Ehrlich Ascites Tumor in Mice
Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, 2007 Mar 12

The effects of the anticancer drug irinotecan combined with ethanolic extract of propolis (EEP), a water-soluble derivate of propolis (WSDP), quercetin and naringin on the growth of Ehrlich ascites tumor (EAT) and the life span of tumor-bearing Swiss albino mice were studied…

The results clearly demonstrate the synergistic action of irinotecan and EEP on survival time. These results suggest that clinical trials using a propolis preparation EEP combined with irinotecan may be beneficial in maximizing antitumor activity and minimizing post-chemotherapeutic reactions to the cytostatic drug.

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