Friday, April 06, 2007

Swiss Company Developing New Treatment for Bee Venom Allergy

Allerb Anergis Partnering Opportunity, Worldwide
By Reymond, Dr Christophe, R & D Focus Drug News, 4/2/2007

Anergis is developing AllerB for the potential treatment of bee venom allergy. An exploratory phase I trial in nine bee venom allergic patients has completed in Switzerland, and a phase II trial is expected to begin in 2009. Anergis' AllerB uses the company's immunotherapy technology based on the use of allergen-derived Contiguous Overlapping Peptides (COP) which act by re-programming the immune response towards tolerance. COPs have the potential to be safer than classical native allergens, extract-based products, used in specific immunotherapy (also commonly known as desensitization). Dr Christophe Reymond, COO at Anergis, told R&D Focus during an interview conducted at BioSquare 2007, 12-14 March 2007, Lyon, France, that AllerB is available for partnering, worldwide.

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