Thursday, February 07, 2008

Apitherapy Popular in Russia

Visit the All-Russia Honey Festival
By James Marson, The Moscow Times, 2/7/2008

The Manezh's Central Exhibition Center will host the 19th All-Russia Honey Fair from Feb. 12 to 27.

The event brings together the produce of more than 400 of the best beekeepers from 61 Russian regions. Traditional types of honey, such as flower honey, buckwheat honey and meadow honey, will be available to taste and buy, alongside more exotic varieties such as rapeseed honey and sainfoin honey.

There will be more than just honey on sale: other products include propolis -- which has various medicinal uses, royal jelly -- a dietary supplement, and beeswax -- used in candles and cosmetics. Books on beekeeping and the medicinal uses of honey will also be available…

Honey and other beekeeping products have been used in Russia for centuries because of their apparent healing qualities…

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