Sunday, February 10, 2008

Literature Review of Honey and Health Benefits: Patent Summary

Susan Lutz, PhD; Shirzad Chunara, MHSc RD; Rae Kennedy, BSc
Alberta Beekeepers (ABA), August 2007

[Editor’s Note: This is the third in a series of articles containing excerpts from the Canadian report ”Literature Review of Honey and Health Benefits” published in August of last year.]

…A total of 46 patents were found in relation to honey and health. The patents were from a wide variety of countries across the world, including Canada. The majority of the products were ointments and creams used for wound healing, followed by wound dressing products with the incorporation of honey. Other patents were for products that used honey for traditional medicine, as healing gels, food products and other products such as repellents and extracts.

To obtain a Canadian patent, one must apply to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. Currently, there are seven Canadian patents for honey and wound healing products; one ointment/cream, one wound healing gel, three wound dressings and one fortified honey food stuff and medicament product.

In June 2007, the manufacturer and full line supplier of advanced wound care products Derma Science obtained clearance from Health Canada to market and sell a line called API-MED Antimicrobial Dressings with Active Manuka Honey. This advancement represents the first honey-based product to be cleared for medical use in North America . A patent for this product was not found. Further investigation is required to determine whether this product has been classified as a natural health product with an NPN or a drug and therapeutics product with a DIN…

Copies of the full report are available by contacting:

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