Friday, February 01, 2008

New Burt's Bees Ads Promote Beeswax, Criticize Petrolatum

Burt's Puts Bee in Bonnet of Skin-Care Marketers
First National Effort by Clorox Brand Bashes Ingredients in Beauty Products
By Jack Neff

[Editor’s Note: Ad image may not be appropiate for younger readers.]

BATAVIA, Ohio ( -- In its first major national ad campaign under new owner Clorox, countercultural brand Burt's Bees criticizes industrial-strength ingredients long found in conventional beauty brands…

Among the first of six ads from agency Pool, New York, to appear in issues of magazines such as People, Oprah, Allure, Real Simple and Natural Health starting Feb. 5, is one that in classic package-goods mode compares the beeswax in Burt's to the petrolatum found in other products.

Beeswax is a "naturally replenishing moisturizer made by bees," while petrolatum, Burt's says, is a "non-renewable hydrocarbon made from crude oil" that leaves a "greasy film that could contain contaminants."…

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