Sunday, February 03, 2008

Bee Venom Therapy Used to Treat Multiple Sclerosis

Bees Provide More Than Honey
By Leslie Cebula, WTAP News (USA), 2/2/2008

…"I have multiple sclerosis, and I've got over 400,000 bee stings in my body, and I've been able to walk better now than I was before I started the bee stings," said Floyd Alexander, Apitherapist.

Alexander of Warren, Ohio practices Bee Venom Therapy and taught a session on the treatment Saturday.

"We place a bee sting on you and the calcium is destroyed by the venom therefore mobility comes back and allows you to move much freely than you did before," he said.

Andrea Garnes has a hive at her home that she says is the one thing that's helped her the most since she was diagnosed with M.S. 29 years ago.

"It helped me a tremendous lot and I wouldn't be where I am now if i didn't have it," Garnes said…

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