Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Medical Honey-Producing Trees to be Planted, Studied in Australia

Medical Honey Trial in Dam Plan
The Gympie Times (Australia), 2/5/2008

Whether the Traveston Crossing Dam goes ahead or not, part of 2000 hectares of land acquired by the State Government to offset carbon emissions will be used for a trial plantation of medical honey-producing trees.

Medihoney, a world leader in the medical application of honey, has reached an agreement with Queensland Water Infrastructure to source the land for the trial and will begin planting Leptospermum — commonly known as Teatree — within the next six months.

The trial will enable Medihoney to conduct research and gain a greater understanding of the 79 different types of species of Leptospermum and their aptitude for local conditions.

Medihoney director of Science and Strategic Development Anthony Moloney said the purpose of the trial was to develop trees that yield a greater quantity of nectar containing enhanced levels of anti-bacteria.

“The honey has specialised anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that have medical application in wound care, skin care and oral therapeutics,” Mr Moloney said.

“We need to learn more about this plant and the special anti-bacterial properties they produce because the trees do not consistently produce the required properties.” …

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