Friday, December 04, 2009

Healthy Estonian Chocolate Bars Made with Pollen, Propolis, Honey

Craftsmanship Surging in Estonia
By Liina Lelmi, Baltic Times, 12/2/2009

TALLINN - Estonia is known for its innovativeness and eagerness to adopt and invent new technologies. Yet the old and the traditional has not at all been forgotten…

A new and growing trend in Estonia is to eat chocolate to stay healthy. Healing handmade chocolate bars and truffels are produced by Kolleste Kommimeistrid in the southern Estonian town Polvamaa.

There is no magic behind the recipe, but there is science.

The handmade chocolate bars contain pollen, propolis, or honey, and are copyrighted by the company as being unique, and are sold in pharmacies. It is known that propolis carries similar healing properties as do weaker antibiotics, able to kill over 100 different viruses. But antibiotics also kill the “good viruses,” while propolis removes the “bad.”…


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Anonymous said...

Fantastic....chocolate and all the benefits of bee products too!

I will pass this on to all my friends in the hope we can buy it also?

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