Thursday, December 24, 2009

Major Royal Jelly Protein Examined

Molecular Characteristics and Physiological Functions of Major Royal Jelly Protein 1 Oligomer
Proteomics, 2009 Dec 16;9(24):5534-5543

Royal jelly contains numerous components, including proteins. Major royal jelly protein (MRJP) 1 is the most abundant protein among the soluble royal jelly proteins. In its physiological state, MRJP 1 exists as a monomer and/or oligomer.

This study focuses the molecular characteristics and functions of MRJP 1 oligomer…

In conclusion, MRJP 1 oligomer is a heat-resistant protein comprising MRJP 1 monomer and Apisimin, and has cell proliferation activity. These findings will contribute to further studies analyzing the effects of MRJP 1 in humans.

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