Monday, December 14, 2009

Propolis Fed to Bulgarian Snails

Bulgarian Snails’ Breeding to be New Millionaire of Europe
FOCUS News Agency, 12/13/2009

Sofia. Revolutionary new technology for snails’ breeding, worked put in Bulgaria, caused huge international interest, said the executive director of the National Snail Breeding Cluster Simona Mollova said at a news conference, FOCUS News Agency reporter informs.
Mollova said the organization, together with the Bulgarian Academy of Science, has found milk-sour bacterium with extremely healing qualities in the Bulgarian snails. It was announced to the media about a month ago.

Bulgarian snails’ breeding will be new millionaire of Europe, the executive director of the National Snail Breeding Cluster said.

The snails are turning into a modern good at world level. They are used both for food and for cosmetics’ production. The albumen of the snails does not have fats, which makes them very healthy. Through a special eating method propolis, peppermint, keratin as well as different natural amino acids, etc are put in the meat. In cosmetics, the snails’ extract is used for the production of different products, used for rejuvenating, removing of stains, etc.

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