Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cuban Yellow Propolis Analyzed

Studies on the Constituents of Yellow Cuban Propolis: GC-MS Determination of Triterpenoids and Flavonoids
J Agric Food Chem, 2010 Mar 15

In this study, on the basis of the information supplied by NMR and HPLC-PDA data, we reported a quali-quantitative GC-MS study of 19 yellow Cuban propolis (YCP) samples collected in different regions of Cuba.

The profiles of YCP samples allowed us to define two main types of YCP directly related to their secondary metabolite classes: type A, rich in triterpenic alcohols and with the presence of polymethoxylated flavonoids as minor constituents, and type B, containing acetyl triterpenes as the main constituents.

For the first time, triterpenoids belonging to oleanane, lupane, ursane, and lanostane skeletons were reported as major compounds in propolis. Also, the presence of polymethoxylated flavones or flavanones was found for the first time in propolis.

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