Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Honey and Cinnamon Recommended for Arthritis

Readers' Home Remedies
By the AOL Health Editors, 3/7/2010

If you're suffering from arthritis you know how hard it can be to manage the pain. First we researched the best natural pain remedies, and then we asked what worked for you. We polled our Twitter followers, Facebook fans and the readers at to bring you the best reader home remedies for arthritis pain.

Homemade Elixir

George Nielsen, 75, first noticed his arthritis about 10 years ago. It started in his right knee and then moved into his thumb and back.

“I have a very high resistance to pain, but this darn thing takes its toll regardless,” Nielsen said. “I had trouble walking great distances, and it makes my knee buckle making me vulnerable for a fall.”

Not wanting to give up golf, though he now uses a cart to navigate the greens, Nielsen turned to the Internet and found a pain-relieving drink recipe: one-half teaspoon of organic cinnamon mixed with one tablespoon organic honey and four ounces of warm water taken twice a day. He also takes an over-the-counter pain medication.

He has taken it every day for a year.

“I ask myself, is it the pain medication and not the drink that works? I'm not sure,” Nielsen said. “When I didn't take the drink for a short time, though, my knee, thumbs and back were worse. Who knows?” -- George Nielsen

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