Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dr. Weil Says Honey Has Health Benefits Over Sugar

Is Honey Healthy?
Ask Dr. Weil, 12/14/2010

If you are trying to reduce your intake of refined sugar, honey is one alternative - but not necessarily a healthier one. However, honey does have some health benefits over sugar, as it:

•Is sweeter than refined sugar, so you can use less.
•Has a higher proportion of fructose, which doesn't stress the pancreas as much as sucrose.
•Has a slightly lower glycemic load than table sugar.
•Contains trace enzymes; minerals, including calcium, magnesium and potassium; amino acids; and vitamins, including a wide range of B vitamins such as riboflavin, pantothenic acid, niacin, thiamin and pyridoxine.

Raw honey may even help promote wound healing - research indicates it can be an excellent first aid measure for burns, even very severe ones. (Don't treat a serious wound with the honey you get at the supermarket or health food store - you need a medicinal honey and someone with expertise to treat you.)…

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