Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Royal Jelly Key Ingredient in New Energy Drink

Sato Produces a More Natural Energy “Pick-Me-Up”
Food and Drink Digital, 12/29/2010

Sato, one of the world’s largest makers of liquid nutritional supplements, raises the bar with its tasty shot-size Yunker Energy, combining vital herbs and vitamins to fight fatigue -- without caffeine.

Deciding it was high time that someone needed to develop a liquid nutritional supplement that was not bombarded with sugar and caffeine, Sato has introduced shot-size Yunker Energy…

Instead of relying on added caffeine as a stimulant, the enjoyable and convenient shot-size Yunker Energy liquid supplement contains a proven assortment of vitamins and eastern and western herbal ingredients, such as Oriental Ginseng, Royal Jelly, English Hawthorn Extract, Epimedium (Leaf) Fluid Extract and Cnidium (Fruit) Fluid Extract.

Oriental Ginseng is noted for its effect on fatigue and stress, as well as for strengthening the body’s immune system Produced by bees, Royal Jelly contains a complex of minerals, enzymes, amino acids and other beneficial factors, along with anti-aging and beauty-enhancing properties…

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Anonymous said...

Yunker Energy Drink is a popular herbal supplement drink. There is a good reason why Yunker drink is the best selling nutritional tonic in Japan. Yunker contains a carefully selected blend of herbal medicines, vitamins