Saturday, February 18, 2006

Honey Used in Ayurvedic System of Medicine

Try Honey!
Rama Gokul, Deccan Herald (India), 2/17/2006

Honey is invaluable with its nutritional and medicinal properties. It makes a very good substitute for sugar/jaggery in drinks. It is used in confectionery, ice creams, biscuits, cakes and fruit salads, candies etc.

Ayurvedic system of medicine uses honey as a medicine as well as a medium as it facilitates their use and acts as a catalyst.

It contains complete vitamin B complex and helps to retain vitality and vigour and refreshes a tired body.

Hence, while feeling low and tired, instead of a cola, go for a glass of water with a dash of honey (and lime) as the glucose in honey is rapidly absorbed by the body to energise you.

Honey has curative properties too. It cures cold/cough, indigestion and liver disorders.

It is also a brain and nerve tonic, which enhances memory. It is equally good for skin wounds and ailments. In fact, it makes an excellent first-aid for burns and scalds, when applied generously, instantly. It has antiseptic and anti bacterial properties too.

A regular use is recommended to build up good resistance and blood purification. A spoon full a day keeps doctor away. Its application on the skin along with glycerine, makes a good wrinkle remover. . .

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