Thursday, December 06, 2007

Honey Recommended for Cuts and Blisters

The Cures in Your Kitchen
By Angela Epstein, Third Age, 12/5/2007

Most of us keep the bathroom cabinet stocked with remedies for common ailments, but we could just as well look in our kitchen cupboards instead. Many everyday ingredients can double as home cures for a host of complaints, from toothache to sciatica -- and with no worry of side-effects. Here, we round up 25 of the best home remedies ...

Cuts, Grazes and Blisters

Manuka honey contains a powerful antiseptic to prevent infection and can be applied in small amounts to treat cuts, grazes and blisters, says Dr. Dixon. Use the lowest strength Manuka honey (basic factor 10-15).

Nutritionist Jane Clarke adds that the honey has also been shown to have strong anti-viral properties, and taking a teaspoon of Manuka honey twice a day may help speed up recovery after a viral infection...

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