Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pesticide Blamed for German Honey Bee Die-Off

German Beehives Hit by Mass Die-Off
Beekeepers are pointing the finger at a Bayer CropScience pesticide marketed under the name Poncho, but government tests aren't conclusive
By Andrew Curry, Spiegel Online, 5/12/2008

In Germany's bucolic Baden-W├╝rttemburg region, there is a curious silence this week. All up and down the Rhine river, farm fields usually buzzing with bees are quiet. Beginning late last week, helpless beekeepers could only watch as their hives were hit by an unprecedented die-off. Many say one of Germany's biggest chemical companies is to blame…

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Vinocav said...

Another "curious silence" is from we humans. That paragraph above had been posted fully 8 months before anyone - me - commented.
This bee situation could very well be the most important issue of our day, especially for those of us who like to eat every so often.