Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Cancer Survivor Promotes Health Benefits of Honey

Cancer Survivor Toasts New Life with Sweet Biz
By Clem Richardson, New York Daily News, 1/5/2009

David Luks, owner of Honeydrop drinks, at the Wholefoods Market in Tribeca, which sells his product.

Two bouts of self-examination changed David Luks' life.

The second might not be bad for his wallet, either.

The first was physical. Early in 2006 a self-examination helped Luks, 34, learn that he had testicular cancer…

Luks was lucky. His cancer was in its earliest stage. The tumor was so small that doctors did not recommend chemotherapy or radiation treatments after his surgery.

But like any cancer survivor Luks must have regular medical exams to make sure there is no relapse. He also had to examine his lifestyle. With help from a community of doctors and nutritionists, Luks learned to live healthier.

"About eight months ago, one of my nutritionists gave me an article about honey," he said. Luks learned that honey contains antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and is a complex carbohydrate that can be a big part of a healthy life.

"I remembered when I used to run in Central Park the runners used to take a spoonful of honey before they ran and they had all this energy," he said.

Luks used to work for Pepsico, the giant soft drink bottler, so an idea came readily to his mind.

Luks and Skidmore College friend Steven Zimmerman, 32, founded Deluxe Honeydrop, a company that now produces four flavors of honey-infused water - Blueberries, Apples, Blood Oranges and Chamomile tea.

Launched last October at a Boston trade show, Deluxe Honeydrop is now available at all New York area Whole Foods markets...

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