Friday, February 06, 2009

Stimulus Bill Includes $150 Million for Honeybee Insurance

"Your World With Neil Cavuto," February 4, 2009

Neil Cavuto, Host: All right, back to the stimulus bill.

And the part that has everyone buzzing — in fact, I have been talking about it every night — this 150 billion bucks for honeybee insurance. People were wondering, I was wondering, how the heck that creates jobs.

So, we thought we would ask a beekeeper to explain this to us. Joining us now is a beekeeper, David Burns…

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saltphoenix aka: gypsy la sal said...

Well, that was helpful... not. Seems he only wanted to argue that the $$ shouldn't be given to beekeepers. David Burns agreed. I think David was trying to educate about the plight of bees and the seriousness of it, with or without $$$ help, Neil turned it into an argument about money. Why does FoxNews have to be so argumentative just for the sake of argument? Unfortunatly, the inteview may have ignited more "THEY don't need the money! They employ ONLY bees!" than concern for our bee populations. :-(