Thursday, February 11, 2010

How to Reduce Arthritic Pain With Bee Venom

By eHow Health Editor

Step 1: Ask your doctor if he or she would be willing to administer the bee venom to you. Most traditional medical practitioners are leery of new, untested natural treatments. If your doctor declines, tell your doctor that you will find someone else to treat your arthritis and keep in touch with the results.

Step 2: Request an allergy test before you begin any bee venom therapy. You may not have had a bee sting bad enough to trigger a dormant allergy. One in ten people are allergic to bees and an injection could be deadly.

Step 3: Prepare yourself for the burning pain associated with bee stings. The venom will cause redness, itching and burning. You will need daily injections at first according to anecdotal reports from doctors who are administering the treatment. You can taper off the shots after a few weeks.

Step 4: Try a balm or cream that contains bee venom before attempting the more drastic injections. The venom will seep through the skin to the sore joint and offer relief. Like other slaves, this treatment may not provide the kind of dramatic relief you are seeking. But if you get some mild relief, then you may decide to try injections if the venom works in your favor.

Tips & Warnings

Do not try bee venom therapies (stings or creams) for arthritis if you are allergic to bees.

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