Thursday, May 13, 2010

Company Produces Beeswax-Based Oil Eater for Gulf Spill

Pittsburgh Companies to Help with Gulf Oil Spill Clean Up
By Kris B. Mamula, Pittsburgh Business Times, 5/10/2010

Some Pittsburgh-area companies are finding their products and services in demand as efforts to cap a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico continue.

Universal Remediation Inc. is looking for room to expand as it quickly ramps up production of materials that will be used to help clean up the spill.

The company, based west of Pittsburgh in Robinson, has orders for as much of its natural, beeswax-based oil eater as it can produce, according to President Ray Tarasi. The company makes about 20 tons of the cornmeal-like material a month, but wants to quickly expand capacity to 75 to 100 tons per month within three months…

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