Sunday, July 18, 2010

Video: Honey Recommended for Allergies, Wounds, Ulcers

A Natural and Inexpensive Way to Fix Anything from a Sore Throat to a Cut on Your Finger
Dee Armstrong, WLTZ, 7/15/2010

He’s been recognized as a producer of some of the best honey in the country and besides tasting great, it also helps to fix a lot of ailments.

Jim Harris is the “Honeybee Man.” He harvests his honey and sells it raw and unfiltered. He says that creates some of the benefits that aren’t in the store bought honey.

•Consuming honey from this area might help prevent your season allergies.
•It’s a good hair and skin conditioner.
•Bacteria can’t survive in honey so it helps to disinfect and speed the healing of wounds and burns.
•Some research says it helps ulcers, diarrhea and build the blood.
•Harris says that once or twice a year he takes a pair of tweezers and puts the bees on his back and the sting relieves his back pain and also the bee venom helps ease his arthritis.

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