Monday, August 16, 2010

Video: Tucson Doctors Use Honey to Heal Wounds

Fox 11, 8/13/2010 - We all know honey as a sweet syrupy treat often used in baking or maybe added to oatmeal. But some Tucson doctors think it can cure wounds.

About 15 years ago Pauline Acamo got a spider bite on her ankle that turned into what seemed like an incurable wound, "We had tried everything we could, different procedures, new ones."

The pain would sometimes get so severe, Pauline often had to skip work. Sometimes for as long as six months, "Because of the infections the pain would surge all the way up the leg. Its very painful, you can't really stand it sometimes."

Last year Pauline met doctor mark Vietti at the st. Mary's wound healing center. He introduced Pauline to a sweet solution that would heal her age old spider bite, "It's always important to keep an open mind in medicine."

"Honey has been available for more than 2,000 years and actually there's references in ancient Greek literature about honey being used for its benefits in treating skin conditions," says Dr. Vietti.

It's called "Medi-Honey" and it comes from a plant all the way in New Zealand that's especially good at inhibiting bacterial growth.

"The honey really inhibits bacterial growth. It tends to create just the right kind of moisture environment within a wound," explains Dr. Vietti.

Every week Pauline visits Dr. Vietti so he can check out her wound and put a little bit of honey on it.

She also applies some Medi-Honey every night, "Its just been brilliant, I mean the pain level has just receded greatly. "

Pauline's wound still has a bit of healing to do, but she's thankful something as simple and sweet as honey could help cure her bite while adding a little bit of flavor back into her life, "Being a country girl I eat it a little, but not tremendous amounts, but I think I might start eating more of it."

Dr. Vietti says Medi-Honey can also be applied to wounds on burn victims and for treating athletes foot.

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