Sunday, January 16, 2011

Could Bee Propolis Be an Answer to Superbug MRSA?

Carrie Wachsmann, Vancouver Healthy Living Examiner, 1/11/2010

MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus ) is a bacterium responsible for tens of thousands of infections and deaths annually. It is also known as a super bug because it has developed resistance to many antibiotics. Doctors and scientists everywhere are looking for answers on how to combat this particularly virulent disease.

According to, research led by the University of Strathclyde, indicates that bee propolis could have a key role to play in new treatments to fight the virulent MRSA bug.

Could bee propolis be an answer to the superbug MRSA?

Bee propolis is the sticky resin-like substance found in every beehive. The bees gather resin from trees and plants and use it to stick the hive together and seal it. It also protects them from bacteria and disease. Propolis is rich in a variety of flavonoids, which research has shown is the component that gives propolis its antibacterial effect.

How does bee propolis fight MRSA?

Bee propolis has antibiotic, anti-microbial, and antibacterial properties, which kill harmful bacteria.

Bacteria and viruses are unable to develop a resistance to propolis…

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