Saturday, February 26, 2011

Report on First Hungarian Apitherapy Congress

Dr. János Körmendy-Rácz President of the Hungarian Apitherapy Society

Some 240 people attended the first Hungarian Apitherapy Congress in Budapest, the birth city of Dr. Bodog Beck. The congress was organized by the Hungarian Beekeeper's Organization and the Hungarian Apitherapy Society. Although there is a great tradition of apitherapy in Hungary, no conference has been held until today - concluded one of the speakers. Fifteen speakers showed the results of the current apitherapy research. The themes included all beehive products from honey, propolis, bee venom, pollen, to royal jelly.

Tibor Erdélyi spoke about the research results of over 50 year work of Professor Szalay, who was the author of multiple books on apitherapy. He was planning to give a lecture, but he died just before the conference.

Dr. Anna Mária Nagy spoke about the treatments using royal jelly. The specialist of diseases of internal organs has been treating autoimmune diseases with royal jelly for 10 years. Fifteen cases were presented.

Dr. Éva Szabó, assistant professor from the University of Debrecen treats wounds with honey. The presented three cases were in the area of difficult healing wounds, e.g. diabetic foot.

Live bee sting treatment on acupunctural points was shown by István Gillich and his colleague Zita Pataki.

Two theoretical lessons were given by experts of the field: István Gillich spoke about his experience of 14 years of treating multiple sclerosis with bee sting therapy.

Kálmán Debreceni spoke about his research results: steps to digest pollen over 90 percent. Royal Jelly was mentioned again.

Ingredients and storing conditions were the theme of Dr. Péter Sebők's presentation.

Dr. Ágnes Farkas, assistant professor from the University of Pécs raised a question: Which medical plant has connection to its honey? Detailed laboratory work was presented.

The Chief-Pharmacist Dr. Ágnes Soltész showed some results with her own ointments, pills, drops, sprays. The presented cases were from the area of wound healing.

Tamás Kutasi is a master beekeeper. He is dealing with the practice of producing apitherapy products.

Dr. János Körmendy-Rácz, the president of the Hungarian Apitherapy Society spoke about a case study: treating breast cancer with propolis suspension, APYS® bee venom ointment and royal jelly. The presented case is an 80-year-old woman with scheduled date to chemotherapy. She began the propolis and bee venom treatment, and fast changes were detected. After 15 months gentle treatment she is very well, almost all signs disappeared completely.

Ibolya Rudolf, cosmetician tutor, and Anikó Albert cosmetician observed the effects of APYS® bee venom ointment in facial skin care. They presented the pictures of female faces before and during the treatment. The treatment is still in progress, but the first two week's results are very promising.

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