Monday, May 23, 2011

Honey Boost Healing of Traumatic Lower Limb Wounds

Immunohistochemical Evaluation of p63, E-Cadherin, Collagen I and III Expression in Lower Limb Wound Healing Under Honey
Evid Based Complement Alternat Med, 2011;2011:239864

Honey is recognized traditionally for its medicinal properties and also appreciated as a topical healing agent for infected and noninfected wounds.

This study evaluates impact of honey-based occlusive dressing on nonhealing (nonresponding to conventional antibiotics) traumatic lower limb wounds (n = 34) through clinicopathological and immunohistochemical (e.g., expression of p63, E-cadherin, and Collagen I and III) evaluations to enrich the scientific validation.

Clinical findings noted the nonadherence of honey dressing with remarkable chemical debridement and healing progression within 11-15 days of postintervention. Histopathologically, in comparison to preintervention biopsies, the postintervention tissues of wound peripheries demonstrated gradual normalization of epithelial and connective tissue features with significant changes in p63(+) epithelial cell population, reappearance of membranous E-cadherin, and optimum deposition of collagen I and III.

Thus, the present study for the first time reports the impact of honey on vital protein expressions in epithelial and connective tissues during repair of nonhealing lower limb wounds…


The honey with its diverse chemical constituents (organic and inorganic) provide therapeutic support to nonhealing lower limb wounds with minimum trauma during redressing and debridement as well as in healing without hyper-granulation and less scarring. Further, therapeutic potential has been demonstrated at molecular levels through immunohistochemical depiction of prime molecular expressions in wound biopsies. The gradual increase in cell population and membranous expression of E-cadherin pointed out the transformation of nonhealing wound into healing one and achievement of collagen I and III ratio towards normalcy in posttherapeutic periods indicated proper deposition of collagens in the regenerated skin during healing.

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