Sunday, July 31, 2011

Royal Jelly and Citrus Bioflavonoid Activate Neuron Functions

Honeybee Royal Jelly and Nobiletin Stimulate CRE-Mediated Transcription in ERK-Independent and -Dependent Fashions, Respectively, in PC12D Cells
J Pharmacol Sci, 2011 Jul 9

To prove the pharmacological actions of honeybee royal jelly (RJ) on the nervous system, we examined the effects of RJ on CRE-mediated transcription.
RJ increased CRE-mediated transcription in PC12D cells. Moreover, CRE-mediated transcriptional activity by RJ was enhanced by nobiletin. U0126, a MEK inhibitor, inhibited CRE-mediated transcription by combining RJ plus nobiletin without affecting transcription by RJ alone.

These results suggest that RJ stimulates CRE-mediated transcription via an ERK-independent cascade, whereas the increasing CRE-mediated transcriptional effect by nobiletin is dependent on ERK phosphorylation.

Combining RJ plus nobiletin may activate effectively neuronal functions via enhancement of CRE-mediated transcription.

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