Thursday, September 01, 2011

New Zealand Firm Uses Cyclodextrins to Form Complex Molecules with Manuka Honey and Propolis


Cyclodextrins are a circular compound made up of sugar molecules.

• Produced from starch via enzymatic conversion
• Used in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry

We are using cyclodextrins to form complex molecules with Manuka Honey and Propolis -- enhanced bioactivity

• Not a new idea…coenzyme Q10…..supplementation for angina, heart attacks - beauty creams with encapsulated Vit C - Lipioic Acid


Anonymous said...

It is very strange combination of ingredients which works as antagonists. Propolis suppress action of MGO and decrease its concentration in honey.

Anonymous said...

How does propolis suppress MGO? Berringa and manuka honeys whoch contain MGO also contain many of the factors in propolis, and MGO is active in these honey matrices?