Thursday, October 27, 2011

New ‘N Chromosome Royal Jelly’ Used to Treat Ulcers, Boost Libido

N Chromosome Royal Jelly for Disease Control and Increasing Human Libido
Caspian Bee

Royal jelly production has always been a difficult part of beekeeping as it requires much skill. That said, the benefits of royal jelly outweigh the difficulty and thus it is worth practising and perfecting the skill. We have discovered a new way of producing royal jelly by using drone larva for queen grafting. In so doing, the drone larva is supplied with quantities of royal jelly we separate the drones from the jelly in their pupa stage. The combination of both worker jelly and royal jelly produces amazing results. We call the combination of these two jellys N Chromosome Royal Jelly.

We found the following benefits of N Chromosome Royal Jelly. When we tested royal jelly and its ability to improve hormone production and increase libido, we discovered that N chromosome is at least 10 times more effective than normal royal jelly in increasing libido. Caspian Apiaries is the only company producing N Chromosome royal jelly.

In addition, we found people who had long time ulcer problems did not have these issues after 48 hours of using the N Chromosome royal jelly. We therefore tried to find as many individuals as possible who suffered from either short-term or long-term ulcer problems. The results were shocking. Our study looked at 480 individuals who had ulcers for two months to nine years. These individuals used antibiotics and pain relief products to relieve their pain; however, when they used N Chromosome Royal Jelly for 2 days to 28 days their ulcers went into remission.

We also found almost any metabolism disease was cured or significantly reduced with our royal jelly treatments.

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