Friday, April 13, 2012

International Apitherapy Conference to Be Held in China Oct. 22-25

Bee Products Safety and Human Health
Apimondia Apimedica-Apiquality International Forum(2012)
Date: Oct.22-25, 2012
Place: Mingdu Hotel, Zhenjiang, China

Apimondia Apimedica-Apiquality International Forum (2012) are going to be held in Zhenjiang, a beautiful ancient city of China, between 22 to 25 Oct.,2012. Friends and experts from the apicultural industry across the world are warmly welcomed to participate the Forum, share the achievements, exchange the views and face the challenges together. We expect to meet you in Zhenjiang, China, where you can visit Jiangsu University with over 100 years’ history, walk on the ancient street of over 1000 years, investigate the prosperous apicultral industry and witness the magic of apitherapy. China is the largest beekeeping country in the world with over 8.2 million beehives. With its development and achievement, we still need to learn from you, our friends in the same industry over the world. You are warmly welcomed to China. The Apicultural Science Association of China (ASAC) is the unique academic social organization for apiculture in China. It has over 1380 individual members and more than 400 organizational members. It focuses on the development of China’s beekeeping industry, such as manufacturing, processing, R&D, sales, teaching and management of bee products.

ASAC is the representative of the member states in APIMONDIA and AAA. In 1993 and 2008, we successfully hosted the 33rd APIMONDIA Congress and the 9th AAA conference. So I’m confident that this Forum will be another splendid and characteristic event. Every participant will benefit from series of professional activities, academic exchanges, product exhibition and industry communications.

Dear friends, you are warmly welcomed!

Looking forward to meeting you in Zhenjiang, China!

Prof. Zhang Fuxing
President of Apicultural Science Association of China (ASAC)

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