Thursday, July 05, 2012

Ground Honey Bee Larvae Has Health Benefits

Apitherapy: Apilarnil
By Lady Spirit Moon, June 29, 2012
Apilarnil is an acronym:
 Api bee
 lar for larvae
 n for Nicolae, the first name of the man who discovered Apilarnil, and
 il the two initials for the discoverer’s last name, Iliesiu.
About 30 years ago in Romania, Nicolae discovered when he fed his chickens and ducks dead bees, the weak ones not only got stronger, but the birds grew faster than normal.
Apilarnil is the white, almost fully formed, drone larvae. When ground, strained through special filters, and added to bee pollen, Apilarnil has compositions similar to and is administered like Royal Jelly. It is anti-viral as Royal Jelly. It’s high in nutrients for memory, and is good for male sexuality and gastro-intestinal use. Often it is administered in powder or tablet form…

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