Saturday, May 25, 2013

Propolis Can Help Prevent Skin Cancer

10 ways you can prevent and even reverse Skin Cancer
The Guardian, 5/21/2013
May is skin cancer awareness month, with this Friday, May 24th being “Don’t Fry Day”, supported by the EPA, the FDA and the National Cancer Association.  How can we take measures to avert over-exposure to damaging rays?  A recent article on Fox suggests that researchers are looking for a vaccine to help prevent skin cancer, but is a vaccine really what we need?  Another recent article states “holidaymakers are at risk…because their sunscreen is out of date”, claiming that people are lathering up with expired sunscreen that isn’t working.
Statistics say skin cancer is the most common form of cancer these days with 1 in 6 Americans diagnosed.  What can we do to remain healthy and cancer-free?
Here are 10 healthy suggestions to prevent and even reverse possible skin cancer…
Bee Propolis – With excellent results, more than 20 studies in experimental medicine and hospital settings used Bee Propolis internally and externally  to successfully prevent malignant cell growth, increase the aspects of the immune system that wards off cancer, bringing balance back into the body of one previously ravaged with cancer.  Bee Propolis in amounts of only 30-50 drops of a tincture 4x a day had these amazing results, reducing different types of cancer, including malignant melanoma.  (Other types of cancer that received benefits were breast, colon and genital cancer along with lung and liver metastases).  In Yugoslavia, the use of Propolis was found to reduce harmful side-effects of radiation therapy…

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