Friday, June 21, 2013

Video: Report on Medicinal Benefits of Bee Products – Honey, Propolis, Venom, Royal Jelly

Euronews, 6/18/2013

Honey has been used as a medicine since time immemorial; as a remedy for digestive problems, bad circulation, breathing difficulties and – of course – as the ultimate elixir for a sore throat.

But honey is also an effective antiseptic and antibiotic, with the power to ward off wound infections, reduce inflammation and promote healing.

The medicinal molten gold includes germ-killing inhibins, which slow down the production of bacteria, and the protein defensin-1, which helps stimulates the immune system.

Besides honey, bees also produce other useful substances, such as propolis. This is a yellow, waxy resin bees use to seal the cells in their hive. They collect it from the sap of trees, and when these trees have strong antibiotic properties – as the poplar, willow and birch do – the propolis transfers these antibiotic benefits to the hive, and thus to the honey itself.

As Professor Henri Joyeux explains, the uses of propolis are endless: “We realized that propolis could have had antiseptic effects, as an antibiotic or anti-inflammatory. And when the bees leave the hive, we will are able to extract it, and purify it. This purification is such that one can produce a small alcoholic extract, which can help, because it is quite thick, fat, and contains considerable vitamins, minerals, and has a very interesting effect on bronchoalveolar respiration. For example, if you have a child suffering from a little asthma, you put 5 drops of propolis in his breakfast, you mix it, and it’ll solve the problem immediately.”

Bee therapy’s most prized product, however, is still royal jelly; a concentrated honey made exclusively for queen bees...

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