Thursday, July 04, 2013

Video: Texan With MS Uses Bee Venom Therapy

Vicente Arenas, KHOU 11 News, 7/2/2013
MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas -- According to Allan Swor, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, none of his medications were helping to ease the pain. He could barely move so he decided to try an unusual treatment.
He started bee venom therapy which requires him to be stung nearly 100 times each week.
“I thought it was crazy,” Swor said.
He still ordered the bees through the mail to begin the treatment. His sister Brenda Vooza provides the treatment.
“I was scared to death,” Vooza said.
She stings her brother 30 times a day, three days a week.
“I just feel better all the time,” Swor said. “I hope I can work again one day.”
The stings are said to produce cortisol which can relieve inflammation.
Doctors said there are no studies to prove it works.

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