Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Bee Pollen, Bee Venom and MS

Top Herbs and Health Supplements for MS Sufferers
Guardian Express, 9/1/2013
Top Herbs and Health Supplements for MSThe following list does not cover every accessible herbal or supplementary choice for healing the symptoms of MS. Instead, the register boasts a short summary of the significant data about each of the most common herbs and supplements used by persons with MS…
Bee Pollen or Venom
Venom of honeybees is a clear liquid and treatment of bee stings with the venom of bees is called apitherapy (the venom is furthermore known as apitoxin).  Unlike numerous of the other herbs and supplements utilized to heal MS and its symptoms, bee venom has been expressly studied for its effects on MS in several clinical tests. These human tests were typically small and there are still not enough information to know for certain whether venom-derived treatments may be helpful for treating MS. Trials displaying benefits are unreliable. Other ones show that bee venom treatment is ineffective, insufficiently studied, or downright unsafe.
Bee pollen, on the other hand, is progressively utilized as a dietary supplement. Although its properties are still under inquiry, it seems to have antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Others claim it is helpful in increasing immune scheme for well-being and fighting chronic infections.  Study is restricted and dangerous allergic reactions to bee pollen are likely.  Persons with supposed allergies to bee stings or bee pollen should avoid all treatment options utilizing extracts or products from honeybees. (As always, consult your treatment physician before taking any herbs or other supplements.)…

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