Sunday, October 06, 2013

Manuka Honey Export Industry Under Threat

Otago Daily Times, 3 Oct 2013
New Zealand's lucrative manuka honey export industry is under threat from a cheaper Scottish alternative that scientists say boasts even greater medicinal powers.
Heather honey, cultivated by bees buzzing around the Scottish Highlands, is even more effective than manuka honey when it comes to battling bacteria, a new UK study has found.
Researchers conclude that importing manuka from the other side of the world is "unnecessary" when local sources are available.
The thoroughly-researched manuka is the world's only medical grade honey.
Its anti-bacterial properties are widely used in veterinary medicine as a wound dressing.
But a Scottish researcher and equine surgeon, has just released findings of a study he launched to find out what other honey could be used as anti-bacterial wound dressings.
"Honey helps to promote healing, cleaning the wound and keeping it infection free," said Dr Patrick Pollock of University of Glasgow.
"Although Manuka has been the most studied honey source to date, other honey sources may have valuable antimicrobial properties too.
"If vets were able to use locally-sourced, cheaper honey as a wound dressing, it would be very beneficial, particularly in poorer countries."…

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