Sunday, November 10, 2013

UK Doc Recommends Manuka Honey for Wound Healing

Dr Le Fanu's Online Health Clinic
The Telegraph, 11/8/2013
Dear Dr Le Fanu,
The article by Mrs Sanai, on the same page of the Telegraph, as your article on 28/10/2013, ends by saying "Please let that wound heal."
I met an old lady, who had received a wound from a rose thorn, which refused to heal, even with three separate courses of Antibiotics. Manuka healed, or allowed the wound to heal, quite quickly, she said.
To my surprise, my local NHI practice stocks wound dressings, with Manuka built in.
Do you think you could suggest it, in the distressing circumstances of Mrs Sanai ?
Clearly, the Data Protection Act, would not allow me to get in touch, and I think the standard medical reaction ( of which you seem to be clear, judging from your articles ) would have anything I wrote, ruled, inadmissible / lay mans ignorance / JUJU Superstition, or otherwise useless.
Yours Sincerely, Edward P
Honey, Lena Koller
Dear Edward P,
Thanks for being in touch and I am pleased to hear that Manuka honey healed your acquaintance’s rose thorn wound. It is, as you say, an excellent idea to incorporate the honey into a dressing.

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