Monday, December 09, 2013

Dermatitis Due to Live Bee Acupuncture Therapy in Korea

Live Bee Acupuncture (Bong-Chim) Dermatitis
Int J Dermatol, 2013 Dec;52(12):1519-24
Live bee acupuncture (Bong-Chim) dermatitis is an iatrogenic disease induced by so-called live bee acupuncture therapy, which applies the honeybee (Apis cerana) stinger directly into the lesion to treat various diseases in Korea. We present two cases of live bee acupuncture dermatitis and review previously published articles about this disease. 
We classify this entity into three stages: acute, subacute, and chronic. The acute stage is an inflammatory reaction, such as anaphylaxis or urticaria. In the chronic stage, a foreign body granuloma may develop from the remaining stingers, similar to that of a bee sting reaction. However, in the subacute stage, unlike bee stings, we see the characteristic histological "flame" figures resulting from eosinophilic stimulation induced by excessive bee venom exposure.
We consider this stage to be different from the adverse skin reaction of accidental bee sting.

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