Sunday, March 09, 2014

Kate Middleton's beauty secret: Is bee venom the answer to flawless skin?

Express, 3/5/2014
Having a seven-month-old baby can be hard work but Kate Middleton shows no sign of sleepless nights with her glossy flowing locks and radiant skin - so what's her secret?
The Duchess of Cambridge has used bee venom to keep her skin looking flawless and even applied the secret ingredient to ensure a glowing complexion when she wed Prince William in 2011.
The treatment was recommended to Kate by her stepmother-in-law Camilla, who swears by the product. And the bizarre-sounding substance, which promises to plump up skin by tricking it into thinking it's been stung, is also a big hit with A-listers including Victoria Beckham, Simon Cowell and Kylie Minogue…

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