Friday, August 15, 2014

New Zealand has Multi-Billion Dollar Potential from Pharmaceutical Honey Applications

Paving Way for Medical Honey Export
New Zealand has the potential to harvest multi-billion dollar returns from pharmaceutical honey applications, says Dr Shaun Holt, founder of Bay of Plenty-based Honey Lab.
The company focused almost exclusively on pharmaceutical applications for medical honey and bee venom, and devoted about 80 per cent of available funding to research, he said.
"Our aim is to develop intellectual property in terms of product research that we can license to major global pharmaceutical companies," said Dr Holt, who was also an adjunct professor at Victoria University of Wellington.
The company's products were produced from kanuka honey, rather than the manuka honey that is more commonly associated with medical benefits. However, Dr Holt said honey from both manuka and kanuka - which were largely endemic to New Zealand - contained significant anti-microbial qualities…

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