Monday, September 22, 2014

Beekeeper Cured of Life Threatening Allergy After Three Years of 'Sting' Treatment

The Telegraph, 8/7/2014
An amateur beekeeper who developed a life threatening allergy to bees has been cured after more than three years of treatment.
Simon Russ, a biology teacher, had been a beekeeper for seven years when a single sting sent him into anaphylactic shock and left him in hospital fighting for his life.
Determined to continue his hobby Mr Russ, 49, went through a painstaking course of immunotherapy.
At first he could only cope with one 10 millionth of a sting.
But over the course of three years he was injected with a dose of venom every few weeks, which gradually increased in strength, until he could cope with two stings…

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