Friday, February 27, 2015

Bee Venom Face Mask

Redbrick, 2/25/2015

Our next treatment is causing a buzz on the beauty scene. We all know that Botox all too often leads to being tight-lipped, looking permanently shocked and being puffy faced as chemicals circulate the face in order to reduce the lines and wrinkles gained through life. Now there is a new trend emerging- bee venom, guaranteeing the same effects as botox without pain. Alternatively, why not try a lip-plumping bee venom lip gloss, guaranteed to leave you pouty! Some spas and beauty clinics use bees to actually sting you but now you can enjoy the ‘benefits’ of botox from your own home and from a jar- no not a honey jar! The venom is extracted from bees and mixed into a rich, creamy base. I think I’ll leave my beauty regime venom free for now - it all sounds too Wicked Witch like for my liking.

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