Sunday, September 06, 2015

New Bee Venom Cream Being Launched to Treat Arthritis, Gout, Pain, Nausea

Daily Journal, 9/6/2015

...“We have developed this lotion
that we rub on the skin in a very small amount,” said Hutchings. “We formulated it so that one pearl sized amount of the cream is equivalent to one bee sting. We have learned since that if you have arthritis or gout, you put the lotion where the pain is and it goes away within minutes.”

Gallaher said if you can’t identify the source of the pain, such as nausea, then they go to the acupuncture sires, which are the ankles and the feet. If you rub the lotion onto the ankle it works for the nausea.

“We have done samples for the last two years and I gave a sample to one woman who was experiencing foot pain,” said Gallaher. “A week later she came back to me and said that it solved her hot flashes. Since then we have tested others and they are very happy now. Another use for the lotion is that skin abrasions, insect bites or poison ivy can be cleared up pretty quickly with it.”

They have a provisional patent to cover the process and they are looking at trademarks, names and have been working with an attorney on patenting.

The product will come in two ounce bottles which are in the process of being made. Gallaher and Hutchings are waiting for the delivery of their product and can’t wait...

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