Friday, October 02, 2015

Manuka Honey Expert Peter Molan Dies

Fairfax Media, 10/1/2015

The man who uncovered the power of manuka honey has died.

Hamilton-based Dr Peter Molan's research identified honey's healing powers.

He "revolutionised the New Zealand honey industry", said the 2001 citation for his NZ Science and Technology silver medal.

Molan died at home on September 16, aged 71.

The biochemist's wife Alyson had nursed him through illness, with help from Hospice Waikato.

Alyson was married to Peter for 24 years and initially thought his obsession with manuka honey would pass.

Far from it - and she benefited early in their married life when she spilled boiling water over her hand.

"He just bunged honey all over it, wrapped it up. And the bit that he missed wrapping, it had a huge blister. The rest of my hand was absolutely clear."

Peter was famous in the family for a manuka gel used for everything from teenagers' pimples to nappy rash.

People around the world made phone calls to his home, seeking advice...

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