Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Video Report on Medicinal Use of Australian Jellybush (Manuka) Honey


PIP COURTNEY, PRESENTER: We recently did a story on the manuka honey industry in New Zealand and now it seems it's Australia's turn. Here it was once fed to cattle because of its bitter taste. But jellybush, or manuka honey, could be the saviour of Australia's honey industry. After years of decline, the industry could have access to a billion-dollar market, with new research identifying the trees which produce manuka honey in every Australian state. Sean Murphy reports.

SEAN MURPHY, REPORTER: In the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, they're searching for one of nature's miracles. It's a special tree with the nectar that helps produce manuka honey.

WOMAN: This honey has literally saved lives.

MAN: We don't end up with resistant infections that are much harder to treat with antibiotics.

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