Sunday, May 01, 2016

New Zealand Kanuka Honey Treats Rosacea, Acne, Cold Sores, Burns and Wounds.

Honeylab medical‐grade kanuka honey a vanguard for pharmaceutical honey industry

Stuff, 5/1/2016

A medical honey developed by New Zealand researchers can not only treat a number of skin diseases, but could so help combat the global health emergency of antibiotic resistance, creating a billion dollar honey industry.

The medical‐grade kanuka honey formulation developed by Wellington and Bay of Plenty based Honeylab, along with researchers from the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand, are vying with manuka to be a new medical miracle and a major new earner for the Kiwi economy.

The current size of the potential kanuka market is estimated to be about $3 billion and the skin medicines are showing such positive results that several of the top 10 largest healthcare companies in the world are in negotiations with Honeylab for the products...

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